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Featured Projects

Seen & Unseen is a recent project that aims to visually express memories through photography. The project combines photos with text, symbols, and other elements to create an interaction between language and imagery, resulting in layered meanings and striking visual effects.

Seen & Unseen


Beyond the Boundary is a recent project aimed at helping individuals break free from their limitations and form connections with others. This project encourages individuals to overcome their boundaries and embrace a new, open-world where they can grow and evolve beyond their current state of disconnection and solitude. Through this project, individuals can showcase their work and form solidarity with others, ultimately leading to personal growth and development.

Beyond the Boundary


Destination is a project that showcases the use of repetition pattern technique on aerial, building, and nature photography series. This technique creates a mesmerizing three-dimensional style like a sphere, resulting in visually pleasing images that captivate the viewer.



Pearl of the Antilles is a project that showcases the breathtaking beauty of nature through various elements such as the sky, wind, water, and life. The project aims to express the tranquil passage of time and provide viewers with a glimpse of the ever-changing wonders of the world.

Pearl of the Antilles

I capture and depict the splendor and freshness of the woodlands through my photographs, particularly focusing on the interplay of mountain streams, water, trees, and the ever-changing harmony of clouds influenced by the diverse climate of the forested areas.


New York

Captures the essence of city life, focusing on people, architecture, street scenes, and the overall urban environment. It seeks to portray the unique character and energy of urban settings, often highlighting the daily routines, interactions, and contrasts found in cities.

Urban Lifestyle


Amidst the despair and pain, I have collected moments of happiness, which represent the meaning of my life, the need for existence, and the source of my happiness. I am eager to share my short but energetic and passionate 'Ikigai' with others.



Introducing Time Stand Still, a captivating project featuring stunning frozen flower photography. This work showcases the beauty of nature in a unique and mesmerizing way, capturing the intricate details of each flower as if time has stood still.

Time Stand Still

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