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Ikigai 2023 Exhibition

My solo exhibition is an expression of 'Ikigai' that I find in my life. In the despair and pain of my life, the moment of happiness was collected here. This is the meaning of my life, the need for existence,

and the source of happiness. I want to share my short but energetic and passionate Ikigai.

Feb 2023

These works sought to express the meaning of dark and negative reality escaping. From a different perspective, it means voluntarily separating negative emotions. In other words, this is a positive willingness to recover, and it expresses a willingness to overcome. This is a new release from 2021, and 2022 with the "beyond the boundary" series. For the expression of the boundaries of despair and hope, the background of the snowscape was expressed in dark gray, which strongly expresses the boundaries of dark emotions.

Digital channels and infrared technology are combined and interacted with to express intentional colors.


2022 Winter

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